"In a Laboratory Report, a local M.D. clearly pointed out, heavy metals have two chemical bonds that stick to fat tissue, thus making heavy metals almost impossible to remove from the human body."

Do You Have High Heavy Metals
in Your System?

Karen Russell, a health consultant, accumulated high levels of heavy metals, mercury, and lead, had tried DMSA treatment, supplements, and foot detoxify treatments.  After purchasing a sauna, within one month, her blood reports showed her mercury and lead levels were normal for the first time in 2 ½ years.  Furthermore, within a few months of daily use, her skin texture changed dramatically, her cellulite decreased over 65-70%, and her BMI decreased from 38% to 20%.

Standard heavy metal detoxification treatments, such as Meso-DMSA, DMPS, D-Penicillamine, CaNa2EDTA, and BAL (Dimercaprol) therapy insert chelating drugs into the body.  These treatments can be painful, expensive and can cause side effects.  For the best healing and detoxifying results, accurate energy wavelength (purity of 4-14 um to enhance cells resonation) and well-built energy intensity (1400 watts of power to enhance circulation) are both required.

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