"To date, there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that this product has not killed."

Dr. R. Leavitt, Brigham Young University

Why is Structured Better?

Doctors will tell you – Do Not use an antibiotic as the first line of defense.  Your body will build up a resistance to the antibiotics.
Most of the colloidal silver formulations on the market are acidic because the water used in the formulation is not alkaline. The new structured silver is also alkaline. Alkaline silvers are manufactured with high intensity electromagnetic pulses.
Acidic forms of silver are good for temporary relief, they are more difficult on your body to take on a regular basis.

Why Does Silver Help?

Sometimes it is good to build an immunity to germs. Others, we are better off killing, so we can we can avoid some of our health problems. We have 4 types of germs. Silver can destroy germs within each of these 4 types; bacteria, viruses, fungi (yeast), or parasites (protozoa

  • Germs live in pores.
  • Germs live in an eye, causing pink eye.
  • Germs live on lips, causing cold sores.
  • Germs live in the vagina, causing vaginal infection.
  • Germs live in the bladder, causing bladder infection.
  • Germs live on the toenails, causing odors and infections.
  • Germs live in wounds, obstructing healing or causing scarring.
  • Germs live in the digestive tract, causing gas or serious health problems.

Germs….  we all have them, and they disrupt our health.

Silver Throughout History.

Silver was used as a preservation and a medicine in many cultures.

  • Pioneers trekking across the the Northwest placed silver coins in the barrels to keep their water safe and prevent dysentery and other known diseases.  As the water sloshed around, it released ions.
  • Ancient Greeks used vessels made from silver for water purification.
  • People in India, actually consumed the thin silver foil that some candy or food was wrapped with to prevent spoilage.

In the late 1800’s medicinal silver compounds were developed where they were known as colloids (small particles dispersed in water).  Approximately 48 different silver compounds were marketed to treat infectious disease by the 1940’s.  Silver has proven activity against 22 bacterial species since the 1970’s.
Research continues and silver is currently available as a liquid, spray, or gel.  Because silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast it helps wounds or burns heal with reduced scaring by preventing infection.  Burn victims report a reduction in pain as silver can be applied directly to an open wound to help stimulate healing.

Is Structured Silver Safe for Pets?

  • Wash a pet wound with silver liquid.
  • Animals can drink the structured silver just as you would to destroy bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasite.
  • Can be applied to wounds to facilitate healing.

Silver is non-toxic and extremely SAFE, whether used internally or externally.

When to use Structured Silver?

This support allows your immune system to focus and prioritize its efforts on regeneration, wellness and prevention, rather than always suffering a health crisis.
Structured silver is remarkably safe. It can be used internally or in any orifice of the body. When taken internally, it selectively kills pathogenic bacteria while leaving healthy bacteria (“probiotics”) unharmed. It is the only metal not considered to be a heavy metal because it does not produce heavy metal poisoning, and does not accumulate in the brain.
Silver has proved it will totally eliminate, destroy and kill the pathogens from bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold infections. Tested in more than one independent lab; it has been successfully tested to kill the Pathogens from Bird Flu, Staph Infection, Salmonella, Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, and kills bacteria in water.

  • Diaper Rash
  • Use Silver on a flaming red rash
  • Pre-Cancerous Cells.
  • Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Toenail Fungus
  • Vaginal Yeast Infection or the Occasional Itch
  • An open sore, which refuses to heal.

"TRUSILVR may be your most effective tool to help maintain, sustain and support your immune defenses, because it reduces the workload placed on your immune system. According to one of the foremost experts on the use of structured silver."

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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