Suffer From Pimples or Acne?

Pimples and Acne are Caused from Bacteria.

There is a Natural Way to Treat It.

"You Start to Lose 7000 Brain Cells Per Day When You Reach Your Mid 30's.
About 300 Million Cells Die Every Minute.
50% of the Cells in Your Body are Bacteria that Live in the Digestive System.
You lose more cells than you replace age, you are sick, or your immune system is compromised." 

Bacteria Causes Acne and Pimples

Bacteria will get inside a hair follicle or a sweat gland called a sebaceous gland. Once the bacteria gets under the skin, it multiplies, dissolving healthy tissue. Your skin then breaks out with pimples or acne. To get rid of the acne or pimples you must eliminate the bacteria.

You Can Use Something Natural?

To kill the bacteria, take 2 teaspoons of our Silver, twice per day.
Apply our Silver Gel topically twice per day.
Drink Alkaline Water to hydrate your cells.

Our Silver does not sting or burn because it does not contain alcohol. It uses Alkaline Water
and is a Structured Silver. A silver product with 4.5 acid should not be taken every day.

You will see a reduction in the size and damage of pimples and acne within 24 hours. Total improvement of the skin takes 4 weeks. The amount of time for new skin to grow from the bottom to the top layer.

Be Part of a $2.1 Billion Estimated Consumer Market

Why is Our Silver Different?

Did you know, when our Silver is in contact with an infection caused by Bacteria, Yeast, Virus,
or Fungus for 2 minutes; it destroys pathogens.

You can take internally everyday to protect your immune system.
You can use it externally to protect yourself, family members, and pets from bacteria.

‚ÄčYour Body is an Eco-System

It Will Regenerate, Given the Right Tools

Stay tuned, tips on bladder, yeast, sinus infections, HPV's...

Create Your Life Journey!

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