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Reconstruct Your Today

Catherine S Traff

Over the past two years, years Spike and Scooter have lived in several different residences, including a mall aquarium, a pet store, a four-story house and an apartment.  They are not happy movers; however, they are adaptable.  Once they survived each transition, they became more confident in each new environment, more trusting toward me and closer with each other.  Had they stayed in the mall aquarium for the rest of their lives, they would not have experienced fear of the unknown or the unpredictability that comes with chaos.  They also would not have felt the contentment that comes with achieving stability.

How do you make life’s built-in “time limit” work for you?

Sometimes, we recognize a need to make a bigger change in our lives than simply shed an outer layer.  Rather than facing the challenge of making the change, we sit complacently, hoping the situation will improve.  We stay in a job that offers us nothing more than a life sentence of misery, or we remain in a relationship that has run its course and has completely derailed.

It’s only too late if you don’t start.

Why do we believe that the situation will get better in the future if it has not improved yet?  We fear change because the process seems overwhelming, and the goal may not be obvious.  So we stay in the same place, allowing familiarity to beat out the unknown once again.

We all have the strength within us to make it through the transition and out the other side.  Change propels growth.  If we choose complacency over change every time, our spirit withers into apathy and depression.  Believe in yourself.  Inside, you have what it takes to make the change and succeed.

You Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was
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