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Lose Weight

Acidic Bodies Store More Fat

Alkaline Bodies Boost Metabolism

Prevent Disease

Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis

Disease Thrives in an Acidic Body

Alkaline Bodies Reduce Inflammation

Enhance Your Immune System

Disease from Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Free Radicals, Toxins

Alkaline Bodies Allows You to Absorb Nutrients

Flush Toxins

Alkaline Bodies Block Aging Free Radical Damage

Reduce Acne

CancerCancer Thrives in an Acidic Environment

DiabetesReduce Sugar Levels in Your Pancreas

Heart & Respiratory DiseaseAcidity causes inflammation, in blood vessels and weakens tissues.

Arthritis & Kidney StonesReduces toxins and flush excess acid from you body.

Does the Water  you drink empower your cells and tissues to repair themselves?

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Why Alkaline Water Important?

  • Most drinking water is unnaturally acidic and has a negative impact on your health.
  • Acidic water may damage your cell,s dehydrate your body and allow undesired consequences.
  • Effectively and deeply hydrates the body by reducing water molecule clusters making the water easier to absorb and digest.
  • Promotes increase energy levels.
  • Supports balance and flexibility.
  • Neutralizes free radicals, reduces oxidation and diminishes signs of aging.
  • Supports immune health, digestion, metabolism and brain functions.
  • Alkaline water provides many benefits not available in conventional drinking water, including acid buffering capabilities.

“Alkaline water and Liquid TruSilvr can pass right through the blood/brain barrier because it does not stop water or minerals from passing through. Alkaline water also helps spare the body’s own antioxidant enzymes that can also pass through. Because of this, alkaline water is currently being studied as a novel therapy for brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Alzheimer’s & Brain Cancer

“It’s not the water that does the healing; it’s your own properly alkaline, oxygenated balanced immune system. I am not making any medical claims (I’m not a doctor), but the one thing I do know – this Alkaline Water restored my immune system back to a natural alkaline state to maximize my body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself. God spared my life, so I can bring you encouragement and hope!”

Bill – Throat Cancer Survivor

“I have had Parkinson’s for about 8 years, and the Disease has steadily progressed. A friend offered me a sample of alkaline water in April of 2009, after telling me that there was evidence that Parkinson’s patients had been helped by the water. I liked the taste and texture, so I began to drink it every day.Prior to drinking the water, I was a member of a bowling team. I was not very good, but I enjoyed it. I was always worried about falling as I had been experiencing dizzy spells and had problems with my coordination. I never fell but there were plenty of times that I thought I would.Once I began to drink the water, I noticed positive changes. It was hard for me to believe, because I have had the disease for so long, but my symptoms began to improve. I finished the bowling season in May, and my ability to move around with confidence improved each week. My score didn’t improve much, but my enjoyment of the game increased. I found myself able to move to the ball return and deliver the ball with confidence. That may not sound like a big thing to people who don’t suffer from Parkinson’s, but it made a huge difference to me.Recently I visited my doctor at the University of Miami. I told him of the positive developments once I started drinking the water. He told me that if I wasn’t his patient, he would have a hard time diagnosing me with Parkinson’s. He said that I was certainly no longer the typical Parkinson’s patient. He requested that I send him a link about the water and of course I obliged.Every day I seem to be improving. My hope in sharing this letter is that others may experience similar improvements, and of their symptoms and the quality of life for them will improve like mine.”I wanted to join a company on the ground floor with income opportunities and products to support the wellness of people.”

Pamela – Parkinson’s

“In the past, my face had a lot of pimples, causing the biggest problem for my face. My employer then told me to try drinking some alkaline water and apply TruSilvr Gel on my face after I washed it. In the following months, my pimples had lessen and in about 6 months altogether, my pimples were completely gone! It was amazing! I had used many methods trying to help my skin but to no avail. Alkaline water and TruSilvr Gel is indeed the best and safe way, even for people who have sensitive skin.

KB – Acne Sufferer

“I suffered from diabetes for more than 20 years, it had infected my leg at this point. But washing my ulcerated leg for about 3 months helped it recovered and drinking the alkaline water helped lower my blood sugar level.

Haley A – Diabetes

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