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Adult Obturator

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Adult Obturator

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Limiter Obturator

Regular Hose Kit


Limiter Obturator

Segmented Hose Kit

“I have used many other brands of Speculums and prefer these for client comfort and costs.”

N - Colon Hydrotherapist

"I monitor our clinic prices closely.  Very fair prices, and service is extraordinary.  

Prices are always cheaper then others so I increase my bottom line. Thanks"

ALR - Buyer,  ND

"Amazing service."


"The intake hose provided with the kits from ProWerx Solutions work with all colon hydrotherapy machines.  I had been falsely informed on the requirement to use a specific brand of kit."


"I am a regular client.  Barbara will ship product even when my credit card has been over the limit.  It is amazing to work with a company who understands."  Thank you.

L - Clinic Buyer

"Addresses my concerns immediately. Has even delivered speculums when delivery service has failed to deliver on time.


"Always willing to share information and time to talk.  Refreshing."


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