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An Organic Green Drink featuring Whole Plant Hemp.
  • A first of it's kind, all-natural organic fusion of full omega whole plant hemp with restorative super greens.
  • A refreshing and energizing green drink to soothe, calm and focus your body and mine.
  • Cold processed to preserve the rich source of natural enzymes, phyto-nutrients and vitamins that are native to plants.
  • A natural source of trace minerals to invigorate the body by turning on key processes and functions.
  • Rich in natural Chlorophyll to detox and nutritionally build your body.

“The largest survey on cannabidiol or CBD usage to date, Eighty percent said that they found the products to be very or extremely effective.”

Forbes - August 2, 2017

I wanted to join a company on the ground floor with income opportunities and products to support the wellness of people.
I researched many companies and Juuva head office was the ONLY company willing to give me a line by line comparison of bonuses, including travel, cars, earnings, etc. In absolutely every case, Juuva earnings were on average 30% more! The decision was easy and my team continues to grow with so many creating their own business.

BK - Direct Marketer

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