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Sky Eye Lamp

Our products produce FAR Infrared energy between 4 and 14 um or micrometers without preheating or over heating. Other products produce a higher percentage of near and mid infrared energy which is not absorbed by the human body and can scald the skin and cause the lamp to overheat.

Voltage:               AC 110-120 V
Power:                 800 W
Heat Element:    Ceramic Semiconductor
Wavelength:       4 – 14 um
Weight:                12kg
Size:                     L-167cm, W-77cm, H-50cm
License:              FDA 510k

“Acupuncturist Practice in Tucson, Arizona, Tashi says that the Sky Eye FAR Infrared Lamp works better than the traditional TDP acupuncture lamp that most acupuncturists have in their offices. The Sky Eye lamp heats instantly as soon as you turn it on. It also has its own timer, unlike traditional lamps that have a separate timer and take about five minutes to warm up. With a separate timer, they have to watch the timer and then turn off the lamp. This one has an integrated timer which turns off by itself when the time is up. He uses it in his own acupuncture practice.”

Tashi, Acupuncturist

Our clinic used the standard TDP lamps for Acupuncture.  I was replacing every 12-16 months.  I bought an Infrared Sky Eye Lamp from ProWerx Solutions and it is still going strong after 5 years with no breakdown or replacements.

BLH, Clinic Owner 

“I have replaced all the heat lamps in my clinic with the FAR Infrared Lamps from ProWerx. They are durable, sturdy and safe. My clients will never have the risk of experiencing a burn. In addition, the lamp provides immediate therapeutic Far Infrared Wavelengths. With my old lamps, I would have to preheat the lamp and monitor the length of time it was in use to keep it in a safe range of operation.”


His wife, Laura, is a licensed massage therapist. She uses it, for example, when her clients have stagnation in their belly she then uses the lamp on the belly while she works on lymphatic drainage in the arms and legs. So it is like an extra helper. “Our own R2D2.” When that area is released, she then moves it to other parts of the body that have stagnation or pain.

Laura, RMT

  • Safe to Use – Powerful with 800 watts of electrical output and will not dry or burn skin.
  • Easy to Use – Face of lamp easily directs to all angles.
  • On / Off switch with timer and continuous use mode.
  • Height is easily adjustable.
  • Frame and base are solid and stable with sturdy castor roller wheels for ease of movement.
  • Head folds down for compact storage.

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